4VN Series Pneumatic Pump

●  Compact there-stage pump

●  The Single valve block can be replaced by component FP-4,thereby allowing 2 or 4 tools to be driven simultaneously

●  Three stage with air drive

●  Supporting continuous operation with steel frame

●  100mm diameter gauge ,aluminium oil tank with oil level indicator

●  Variable pressure adjustment between 1000~10000 psi

●  Designed for continuous operation

Model 4VN-2 4VN-4
Working pressure 70Mpa 70Mpa
Drive Air Air
Air pressure ≥3.4m³/min ≥3.4m³/min
4.0HP 4.0HP
Tank capacity
5.5L 5.5L
Flow rate 10-2.2-1.1L/min 10-2.2-1.1L/min
Oil cooler Yes Yes
Weight 19 21
Oil outputs 4~8bar 4~8bar
L×W×H(mm) 442×282×377 460×282×377