HTE Series Multi-Stage Cylinder

●  Multi-stage Cylinder Design, Increase the Tension Length.

●  Strong capacity with small outside diameter, it is suit for the operation at narrow space.

●  Spring return,Protect for the stroke over the maximum value, it is suit for operation frequently.

●  700-1500bar operation pressure.

●  Operate by Super High Pressure Hand Pumps and Electrical Pump.

Mô tả

Model HTE36D-00 HTE42-00

Operatlion Pressure

1035bar 1050bar

Out Capacity

800KN 1039KN
Maximum Stroke 10mm 9mm
Cylinder Effective Area 6126mm² 9896mm²
Quantity of

Cylinder Step

2 3
Outside Diameter 100mm 105mm
Bolt Size M36×4 M42×4.5